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Tagkawayan, Quezon
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FRAME# E-01 1st row- Boy holding U.S. flag is Tomas Morato Jr.; 2nd row- 2nd from the left is Leopoldo Jubilo; 3rd row- extreme right is Arturo Morato

Frame# E-01
( Hondagua, lopez - April 12,1928 )

Frame# E-07 (1936)

Back in the mid 30's the above twin engine plane once soared the skies of Calauag delivering payroll money for sawmill employees working for Don Tomas. Above picture on the right   is Arturo (Turing ) Morato' who piloted the said aircraft.
There used to be an improvised airstrip somewhere in the area of   barangay Pinagbayanan almost adjacent to where the sawmill and plywood plant  was located.  While it was the intention of Don Tomas to provide an airstrip for the safe and fast delivery of payroll money to his employees,  his  eldest son Arturo ( at that time was also pursuing his flying career ) asked his father to push through with this plan and that he would volunteer to transport the payroll money to Calauag by himself. However the idea of maintaining an airstrip didn't take long and for some reasons,  the project had been abandoned.




From L to R: Mr. Antonio Villafranca, councilor?, Mr. Esteban Sasot, Mr. Modesto Danseco, Mayor Arturo Morato, Judge Avelino Leyco, Mr. Siason, Mr. Simon Leonor, Mr. Fausto Eduarte. Circa 1947

Frame# E-13

Frame# E-16

Front row: From Left to Right: Mr. Elpidio Tolentino Sr, Mr. Fortunato Salcedo, Mr. Basilio Barranta, Mr. Leandro Lopez, Mr. Geneblazo, Mr. Pano Villasoto, Mr. Noscal, Mr. Jorvina, Mr. Wenceslao Dolores,

Second row: (L-R) Mr. Agapito Almazan, Lady? , Mrs Mendoza, Mrs Tentay Valena, Mayor Arturo Morato, Lady ?, Mrs. Cuevas (Supervisor), Mr. Constancio Valena (Principal), Miss Lavidez, Mrs. Aldea, Mrs Guning Paglinawan, Mr. Anog,

Third row: (L-R) Gent #1, Mr. Huniller, Mr Catalino Umali, Mrs Ursula Paraiso, Mrs. Caridad Layman, Lady ?, Mrs Toribio, Mrs Licas, Mrs. Maniago, Mrs Espiritu, Mr. Cocadiz, Mr. Uldarico Pera, Mr. Jose Requinto,

Fourth row: (L-R) Gent?, Mr. Labeste, Miss Pereira, Lady?, Miss Panching Patriarca, Lady?, Mrs Alvea, Miss Custodio, Miss Corona Noriel, Mrs Eveliar, Mr. Imperial, Mr. Eudela, Mr. Macario Mendoza,

Fifth row: (L-R) Mr. Layman, Mr. Ruben Villafuerte, Gent?, Mrs. Rufina Tiu, Mrs. Dolores Villaverde, Miss Magsino, Miss Roncesvalles Paraiso, Lady?, Miss Villasanta, Lady?, Miss Juvida, Gent?, Mr. Villafranca, Gent?

Frame# E-18

For quite a time this electric power plant have provided free electricity to its townspeople. (Located at Paang Bundok).