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Calauag, Quezon
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Tagkawayan, Quezon
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Scenes from the past...

The Bay of Calauag ( the Lamon Bay ) in the 1920's
Above picture is a pier on stilts ( also erected by T.B Morato'

1935 to 1938
The seawall was constructed during the term of Mayor Tomas B. Morato'





We would like to thank Mr. Joe Seguerra for hosting a wonderful website - MyHomeTown Calauag at Thru his website, we were able to come up with the names of persons appearing on some of our photos. He was also responsible for promoting our website  to fellow Calauagenians  who frequently visits this site from time to time.

Special thanks is also given to the people who have provided us informations and even shared some photos to help us portray the early years of our town.i.e. the old structures, its Society and the historical events that took place.

Our contributors:

1.) Tomas R. Morato' III .......... ( Frames# V-01, V-04, H-01, H-04, H-08,
                                                          H-11, H-12 and S-01 to S-07 )
2.) Tarcisio Olviga.................... ( provided names to Frames# E-11
                                                         and E-14 )
3.) Josefa L. Jubilo.........   ( Frames# S-10 to S-15 & V-06 )
4.) Rosemarie M. Palou...