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Tomas Eduardo Morato' y Bernabeu (July 3,1887 - March 6,1965) - He was the last Municipal President and the first to be elected Mayor of Calauag (1935 to 1939). He was also the first Mayor of Quezon City, and first Congressman (1st congress) of the 2nd district of Tayabas (Quezon province) from 1946 to 1949.

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Changing the name Tayabas to Quezon Province. ( Sept. 7,1946)

The law was signed by Pres. Roxas in the presence of Congressmen Morato and Suarez, Gov. Yanza, Mrs. Aurora Quezon, Mrs. Consuelo Morato', Baby Quezon, Nene Quezon and other prominent citizens of the Province.  


On the right side of DonTomas was his friend  Leon Guinto who became the private secretary  to  then Philippine Senate President, Manuel L. Quezon  in 1920.




Frame# H-04 ( 1913 )
The Sawmill in Pulo Apad

Frame# H-05 ( Calauag 1915 -1918 )

On May 19,1909, the Philippine commission passed Act No. 1905 granting further concessions to the Manila Railroad Co. By this same Act the designated Southern Lines was to be extended to Calauag ( Province of Tayabas ). 

Early 1920's
St. Peter's Church

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Frame# H-09 ( 1930 )

Above picture: The boy seated on the floor is Eduardo (Dading) Morato';
On the 1st row (L-R): Arturo (Turing) Morato', Josefina (Fining) Morato', Dona. Cecilia Racoma Morato', Mrs. Marta Montes Guinto and Tomas (Tomasing) Morato' Jr. At the back standing is Don Tomas Morato and Atty. Leon Guinto who was a regular guest of the house . About this time Guinto was the representative of the 2nd district of Tayabas under the Lower House of the Philippine Legislature.


(Above picture)  front row: (L-R) Teresita Morato', Cecilia Hidalgo, Lolita Morato'. 2nd row: (L-R) Manuel (Manoling)  Morato', Mrs. Ma.Teresa de la Costa Morato', Dona Consuelo Lim Morato', baby - Antonio (Tony) Hidalgo, Mrs. Josefina Hidalgo, Jaime (Jimmy) Hidalgo.

The ancestral house of the Moratos' was constructed in 1926 on a hill overlooking the Calauag Bay. It was also in this house where the late President Manuel L. Quezon would spend his free time to unwind and have a nice chat with his good friend Tomas.

A colonial architecture from the 18th and early 19th century w/ 2 storey porch.